Monday August 13  7.00pm

The guest speakers for August will be Andrew Mead from the Council and Mark Haseley from NZTA. Find out more about our transport infrastructure and more particularly when Papamoa East will get an interchange onto the TEL. This will be of particular interest to the residents in new subdivisions.








Meeting will be on 13th August at 7.00pm at Legacy Gardens on Te Okuroa Drive.

Recent Guest Speakers include:

July 9th   Rebecca Maiden, Tauranga City Council who is advocating rates funded waste collection. 

Jordan Williams, Exec Director of  Taxpayers Union of New Zealand who has been standing up for hardworking New Zealand taxpayers since 2013. The vision for the NZ Taxpayers Union is for a prosperous low tax New Zealand with efficient, transparent, and accountable government which also includes local government.

Meet the 18 candidates for TCC Councillor at Large vacancy April 2018

Kath Lowe - Tourism Bay of Plenty

Joe Metcalfe - Changes to Bay Buses

Carole Long - Papamoa Dunes & Forest and Bird

Athole Herbert - Shipwrecks in Tauranga waters

Chris Judkins - Rena grounding

Graeme Jelley - Wairakei Landscape Plan

Greg Brownless-  Tauranga Mayor

Marty Hoffart - Waste Watchers

David Hill-  Papamoa Plaza developments.

Peter McKinley-  Local Govt; Tauranga and beyond

Kristin Dunne-  Tourism BoP

Todd Muller - Member of Parliament

Peter Otway

Trish Ives - Papamoa Support Centre