PRRA Minutes of Meetings and General News for the Community

December Minutes of Meeting

Preliminary SmartGrowth Email Summary from Forums held around City.

Good afternoon 

Thank you again for the very helpful submission you made on the Future Development Strategy and the Tauranga Urban Strategy.  

The key themes to emerge from consultation undertaken in October on the Future Development Strategy and Tauranga Urban Strategy were discussed at yesterday’s SmartGrowth Leadership Group meeting.  

  • People want to see aspirational visions and ambitious, aggressive targets set in support of greater levels of infill and intensification. 

  • We heard overwhelming support for moving towards a more compact city with higher density housing focused around centres and public transport hubs, as well as areas of high amenity

  • There was also strong support for further investigation for fast-tracking development in eastern areas like Paengaroa, Pukehina, Pongakawa and Rangiuru. 

  • Enabling the development of Māori-owned land and addressing Māori housing needs featured strongly too. 

  • People also called for a larger range of housing types, price points and locations which includes the need for more affordable homes and diverse mixed communities

  • Transport was a key issue for people who responded with support for a comprehensive and ambitious, multi-modal, integrated transport plan with a 30 to 50-year horizon. 

  • Submitters told us that they want to see better public transport and many were in favour of including rail as part of the mix with a network of park and rides.

Partner council staff will continue to analyse the submissions and report back to the Leadership Group in early 2019 before final decisions are made on the Future Development Strategy and Tauranga Urban Strategy. The Leadership Group members have called for an integrated response across several workstreams.

 Kind Regards 

Vicki Jones

SmartGrowth Coordinator


Revised Bus Timetables from 10 December 2018. Click here for link

November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Click here to read the Minutes of Meeting for the November 2018 meeting


Subject: Future Development Strategy & Tauranga Urban Strategy  - Submission period open 5 October - 5 November 2018  

Councils in high growth areas like the western Bay of Plenty are required by Government to assess future housing and business needs and create a development strategy for the next 30 years. 

The Future Development Strategy (FDS), including the Tauranga Urban Strategy, is a document produced by SmartGrowth (a partnership of councils, tangata whenua, community groups and some government departments) to drive the discussion and decision-making needed to manage this expected growth. It identifies the big issues – things like housing, transport, employment, an aging demographic, cultural wellbeing, the environment – that we must collectively consider as our population increases over the next 30 years. Where and how will we house an extra 66,000 people in 43,000 more homes? What kind of transport systems and infrastructure do we need? What options are on the table right now? How will we pay for it all? This document sets goals but also aims to spark discussion and debate, feedback and great ideas and will be reviewed every three years.


The Papamoa Residents and Ratepayers Association made a submission to this Smart Growth Future Development Strategy. Click here to read the submission

October 2018

Click here to see the Minutes of the October Meeting.

September 2018

Click here to see the Minutes of the September Meeting.

August 2018

To see the final Results and Comments from the PRRA Residents Survey CLICK HERE






August 2018 Meeting Minutes

July Meeting

July 2018 Meeting Minutes

June Meeting Report

June Meeting Minutes Click here

The June Meeting was held in our new venue of Legacy Gardens. The seats were very comfortable, a good sound system and very informative presentation by Jordan Williams , Executive Director of The Taxpayers Union. 







The TaxpayersUnion is a grassroots activist group, dedicated to being the voice for Kiwi taxpayers. We stand for value for money for government spending. Our mission -- Lower  Taxes, Less Waste, More Transparency.  We are a lobby group, not a think tank.  See . In particular look up the Ratepayers Report to see the ranking of Tauranga City Council in many metrics. Quick Tip -- use the metro button to see TCC results quicker.  TCC numbers do not include a component for rubbish and waste pickups, included in other centre's numbers.








June 2018

The TCC was warned years ago that as we only had one road in and one road out access into and out of Papamoa East, it would be isolated due to an event like a tsunami, earthquake, flooding etc Not only were some of the new subdivisions flooded but also Papamoa Beach Road was awash on Sunday night which was a cause for concern to all Papamoa East residents particularly in the event of an emergency. Te Okuroa Drive might well be making progress but as a two lane road it will be inadequate and residents want action now on upgrading Papamoa Beach Road, four laning of Te Okuroa Drive and construction of the Papamoa East Interchange. See…/…/article.cfm











Minutes of PRRA Meeting May 2018


May 30 2018

On yer bikes, Tauranga: $100 million investment in cycling agreed

Check out story at


















May 23 2018

Museum Decision say no.

Its good to see commonsense has prevailed. Let’s sort the infrastructure out and keep rates rises to a minimum before we commit to projects we can ill afford.

Check out this story from the NZ Herald

...See more

May 19 2018

The PRRA is looking forward to working with the new CEO of Tauranga City Council, hoping he will take a close look at Council spending, control rates rises and take an interest in the growth and infrastructural development for Papamoa, along with the upgrade of Papamoa Beach Road, which has been sadly lacking for years.

14 May at 20:18 ·



Kelvin Clout - Deputy Mayor, Tauranga City addressing another ‘standing room only’ meeting at the  meeting tonight. I think he’s the best Deputy Mayor we’ve had in the last four years.






Thank you to those who attended tonight’s PRRA meeting which proved to be informative as well as generating good debate with Councillors Clout, Morris and Robson. Our thanks to them for addressing community concerns and John Cruikshank from Kleana Bins for addressing the issues arising from the Councils proposed changes to rubbish collection.

In future though, if members wish to raise any matters with Councillors, could they first email Wayne to so that they can be briefed beforehand. We would prefer to be more focussed on matters at hand during meeting time.

Monthly Meetings Minutes - Feb 18.

Financial Report to December 17.

Letter to TCC Mayor and Councillors  February 21st 2018. 











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