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Comments from the Survey Forms

Any Comments: A safety pedestrian island would be appreciated on Papamoa Beach Road between Papamoa East shops and Golden Sands Drive, to enable pedestrians to cross the busy road safely, particularly near Motiti Road corner and Papamoa Beach Road corner where pedestrians cross to go to the Karewa/Motiti reserve and the children's play area, and to access the beach. Even though Te Okoura Drive when completed will reduced some traffic from this area, there will still be added traffic from the continuing Papamoa East growth. I hope that this request will be given full consideration by Council members.

Any Comments: I am concerned that the dune landscape still mainly unmodified between Papamoa Domain and Taylor Road is considered by some residents as waste space and just an obstacle to beach access. It must be recognised as a bonus for the area, protecting properties from erosion and sand storms, and also is an important natural space which deserves protection and restoration. There is a national organisation promoting dune landscapes and other cities are celebrating their dunes and giving them protection and a high profile. Check on the Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand, one of their trustees, Dr David Bergen from Rotorua is keen to work on coastal restoration projects with our local Coast Care teams. These volunteers have planted thousands of dune plants along the coast and need support from residents to protect these plantings and control rabbits which can destroy new plantings.

Any Comments: We need rubbish bins Along all walkways not at the end of some.
TCC should empty the bins every couple of days.

Any Comments: The contaminated storm water flowing in to the ocean , at Grant Place, where people swim, collect shellfish & fish.

Any Comments: My main concern is the traffic on papamoa beach road we we live. As we are near the corner of Pap beach rd and Parton road it takes so long to get out of the driveway and during morning rush hour with children walking to school it is very dangerous even trying to cross at pedestrian crossing. With all the money council is making with building consents why is this not going back into roads? They do know how many people are building and moving into the area so why not do something about it!

Any Comments: 1: the lack of an alternative exit onto the expressway from Pap East. Surely with the population numbers there needs to be another exit from pap east in case of evacuation situations as well as to lessen congestion along beach rd/parton and tara roads
2: protection of dunes including from development. also ensuring that 'private' beach accesses or extended mowed boundaries adhere to council plans/rules and regulations.
3: not just for the pap east developments but also the Coast development. adequate parks and recreational grounds are sorely needed catering for all aged children. Also toilet facilities are needed for the public that use the park- not everyone goes to a park near home.

Any Comments: Keen for roading improvements, especially Dickson (better seal, its mixed and a mess); domain and beach road are a discrace. Also contracters should quality job including sweeping all the loose chip up after completion.
A commuter bus into town (2 times morning and evening), one that doesn’t weave through all the streets and take 30 mins just to get to bay fair would be good.

Any Comments: For a very flat area there are not many safe cycling options this should be improved with cycle lanes down Papamoa Beach Road. Congestion on Papamoa Beach Road is a nightmare. Trying to tuen righ onto Pap Beach Rd in the morning can be extremely difficult and is dependant on other drivers allowing you in. Hopefully this will be alleviated come November. Public transport into the city or to bay fair is a joke on the weekends buses stop around 6, how are young people supposed to travel outside of these hours

Any Comments: The council have not left room to enable Te Okuroa Rd to become 4 lanes in the future, it will always be a bottleneck through the start.
What does the contract with the developers say, on when these important through roads have to be completed by? Surely there are dates and penalties of things aren’t completed on time. It’s very frustrating to see the road finished and just not able to be used S the developers haven’t connected it.

Any Comments: 3. PRRA to submit their concerns to the DHB members for Medical facilities for our area...we've got the population to warrant their support.

Any Comments: The top of the list should be medical facilities for Papamoa East as Tauranga is too far away in an emergency.
It is always a waiting game. I’m sure council can put pressure on this to be done ASAP.

Any Comments: I would have included item6 but it is such a no brainer that I cannot understand what is stopping this. We already have a siren that goes off regularly for the volunteer fire brigade and the world continues to function without letup so why not have the same siren go off but on a continuous note in the event of a tsunami. Obvious need to extend sirens to other areas along the coast.
Items 3&4 are interlinked I think ( I am no traffic engineer) but just easing the morning Palm Springs/Golden Sands traffic flow to the northern end of Te Okuroa Drive and onto a roundabout where Parton Road traffic has right of way will just recreate a problem and this traffic still has to get onto the motorway via two roundabouts at the Tara/Domain road junctions-pleased I am retired.

Any Comments: We need a bus stop outside Pacific Coast Village on Maranui St or Granada St.

Any Comments: We need stronger Governance and Leadership around keeping Rates and Debt levels under tighter control than at present.
Capital Projects must be selected more wisely. With due diligences undertaken in a professional manner.
The Council must move their thinking away from the Cost Plus mentality. Remembering that the Ratepayers are not a continuing Cash Cow.
Tauranga doesn't need to introduce a Fuel Tax. Easy way out.
Nationally there needs to be a review of Local Body Governance and Funding.

Any Comments: Domain Road is a sad and lacklustre entry into Papamoa at present and is dark narrow and dangerous. It really let’s Papamoa residents down and should be of high priority for upgrading.

Any Comments: Papamoa Beach Rd is a main arterial route for the whole of Papamoa. The design/surface should be at the top of TCC priorities. With the upgrades of Dickson Rd. More Traffic is being push onto Papamoa Beach Rd. Traffic Counts must be rising rapidly! Reducing the Speed should be a consideration. Crossing the road to our beautiful beach is a nightmare! This is a major cycle route for road cyclists & commuters alike. Safety is the biggest issue!

Any Comments: As for item 10, why stop at Papamoa, why not extend rail link to Te Puke?

Also hard to just pick 3 from a list of 10 of which most are already must do now.

Any Comments: Change of bus routes to be more central through Papamoa Beach area