RE Wairakei Stormwater Plan Survey Feedback Questionnaire

There has been a large amount of plantings and new footpaths made in the Stormwater Waterways area in the last six months. This is all part of the Wairakei  Landscape Plan Project.

Many residents adjacent to the waterways are concerned with the extensive level of planting and/or the suitability of the plants. For years, a clean grassed outlook to the waterways has been admired and enjoyed, this is the subdivision that the residents bought into.

The Papamoa Residents and Ratepayers Association has formed a committee for the Stormwater Reserve to represent the views of local residents to the TCC.  To do this we would like your input in the following survey about the Waterways.

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1. What are the features of the waterways which appeal the most to you? Please check all those that apply
Survey Question 2 *
2. What do you think of planting a 2-3 metre distance of the grassed areas adjacent to the waterways with flax bushes? Please check the box.
Survey Question 3 *
3. Do we need all this planting?
Survey Question 4 *
4. Do you want the changes to the waterways that the Tauranga City Council is proposing?
Survey Question 5
5. Are you happy with the look and effect of the planting that has been done by the Council on the north side of Palm Beach Blvd?
Survey Question 6
6. in the area north of Palm Beach Boulevard would you like the planting there to be removed, and the green grass replanted, or should the plants remain?

Papamoa Residents & Ratepayers Association Public Feedback Form.  We ask you to select your top three concerns about our local area from the list below and submit.  Your reply will help to determine our dialogue with Tauranga City Council.  This survey is open to all residents of Papamoa -- membership of PRRA is not required to complete the form.

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To read comments and see survey results to date (13 August 2018)   click here

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Please select the three community concerns which affect/concern you the most.