Papamoa Residents and Ratepayers Association

We are one of the largest and influential community voices in Tauranga City. Achievements include persuading Tauranga City Council to reconsider tsunami sirens, getting work on evacuation routes started and the retention of the Mount-Papamoa Ward in local elections. Papamoa is a rapidly growing suburb (now larger than Mount Maunganui) and we believe the residents should have more say in its development, particularly the development of the infrastructure.

Our meetings feature relevant and informative guest speakers as well as City Councillors. These meetings provide an excellent forum for members to raise their concerns with each other and voice their opinions directly to leaders in our community.

Get involved and come along to one of our meetings and see for yourself. You can also follow us on our Facebook Page.

We look forward to meeting you.

What are your views on the chipsealing program over hotmix roads that the TCC is imposing on us. See meetings and Feb Speaker.


Freedom Camping Changes. Make your submission at

Submission close 22 February 2019

Comment on Freedom Camping & TCC Enforcement From NZ Herald

“More than $140,000 worth of freedom camping fines have gone unpaid in Tauranga City.

The Tauranga City Council issued 971 infringements under the Freedom Camping Bylaw in the last financial year - and of those fines, only 258 have been paid.

In a report presented to the Tauranga City Council's Community and Culture Committee, 334 of the issued fines were waived as the offenders could not be located, particularly overseas visitors, and 379 fines were being processed through the courts for non-payment.

The fine for breaching the Freedom Camping Bylaw was $200, which meant $66,800 worth of freedom camping fines had been waived.

Team leader of parking and bylaws Stuart Goodman said an infringement notice was issued to a vehicle, not a driver.

"If a fine is not paid within 28 days, a reminder notice is issued. An overseas visitor who has not paid their fine has most likely left the country by this time," Goodman said.

He said New Zealand did not currently have the legislation to enable a rental car company to on-charge a freedom camping fine like they could for a speeding fine.

"This issue has been raised by the Responsible Camping Working Group," he said.

Tauranga Mayor Greg Brownless agreed the main issue was that there was no legislation to enforce overseas travellers paying infringements issued by the council.

Brownless said The Government allowed freedom camping but local councils had little power to enforce infringements which "seemed unfair".”

PRRA meets at Legacy Gardens Chapel, 53 Te Okuroa Drive, Papamoa. Ths street is off the roundabout at the intersection of Parton and Tara Roads.  Scroll down to see Map at end of page.

Copy of Constitution

meeting venue Legacy Gardens chapel 53 te okuroa dr papamoa

meeting venue Legacy Gardens chapel 53 te okuroa dr papamoa






Upcoming Meeting dates:

Monday 10th March 2019 . 7.00pm More details

Where & When:

2nd Monday of each month (except January)

Legacy Gardens Chapel

53 Te Okuroa Dr, Papamoa Beach, Papamoa 3118

Peter Powley, Acting Chairman

Peter Powley

We are looking for new people especially with skills to produce digital images and videos. This will allow the PRRA to put out great multimedia presentations of their proposals. If you are interested please email Peter Powley.



We wish to gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of our sponsors:

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